Union Dale Volunteer Fire Company, Station 52, Susquehanna County

Please Join Us!

New Members Welcome

This past year we were blessed with a few new members, however we are always looking for new people to join our organization. If you are interested in joining the fire company or would be interested in helping out in any way with our fund raisers, please let us know.

Monthly Meetings

Come to one of our monthly meetings which are held on the second Wednesday of each month at 7:00p.m. at the fire station on Main Street in Union Dale.

Membership Application

Download an application and complete as directed.

Congratulations to Our Members!

Congratulations to Captain Don Evans, Lieutenant Kyle Durko, and 3rd Assistant Chief Joey Lee on the completion of the BVR Tech Class. All 3 members attended 48 hours of class, passing a state exam and are now technicians.

Congratulations to our members Frank Gassib and Michelle Nagel for passing the EMT Class. Thank you to all the instructors and evaluators for presenting a great class.

Congratulations to Andy Belcher for completing his Fire Fighter 2 Certification. Andy and a class from Great Bend went to Bucks County for the test in September 2009. Everyone passed the test ~ Congratulations to all!

The Union Dale Vole. Fire Co. now has the Following Certified Firemen at these levels:

Fire Fighter 2:
2nd A/C & EMT-P Andy Belcher

Fire Fighter 1:
Chief & FR Tom Yale
FF & FR Tom Rivenburg
FF Alan Komar

1st A/C & FR John Reeder
2nd A/C & EMT-P Andy Belcher
FF & EMT Mary Reeder

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