Union Dale Volunteer Fire Company, Station 52, Susquehanna County

Station 52: 570-679-2221

No answering machine; please contact the President or Fire Chief as listed below.

For Emergencies dial 911.

For information, please send an email first to uniondalefire@gmail.com, then call 570-679-2221 if necessary.

Member Contacts
Fire Chief Tom Yale 570-679-2589
President Joe Rossi
Assistant Chief Andy Belcher 570-241-7757
Administrative Officers 2018
President Joe Rossi
Vice President Steve Ursich
Secretary Mary Yale
Treasurer Peggy Ursich
Line Officers 2018
Chief Tom Yale
1st A/C Andrew Belcher
2nd A/C Joe Rossi
Chief Eng./Foreman John Reeder
Fire Captain John Reeder
EMS Captain Michelle Nagel
Safety Officer Andy Belcher
Board of Directors 2018
Andy Belcher
Michelle Belcher
John Reeder
Jeanna Lawrence
Kristi Rossi
Don Evans
Relief Association 2017
Vice President
Rich Pauline
Joe Rossi
Kristy Rossi
Mary Yale
Fire Police Officers
Andrew Belcher
Kevin Durko
Carol Hollister
Eddie Hollister
Don Evans
Donna Lee
Rob Lee
Kevin Munley
Mary Reeder
Karen Knehr-Cook
Picnic Grounds Rental - See Page for details
Please contact Andy Belcher or Michelle Belcher at 570.679.5221 for availability and rental fee information.

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